Becoming a Repeat Surrogate


4 Things to Know About Being a Repeat Surrogate Experience the joy of family building again Once our surrogates have experienced their first surrogacy journey, they often ask if they can become a repeat surrogate. Repeat surrogacy is a [...]

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What Is the Surrogacy Process?


What is the Surrogacy Process? 8 Steps to Making Your Family Dreams Come True Many intended parents considering gestational surrogacy wonder where to start or what to expect from the surrogacy process. At Eggceptional Surrogates, we are here to [...]

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Surrogacy for Gay Couples


Surrogacy for Gay Couples: A Biological Path to Fatherhood For gay couples, surrogacy is the only family-building option that allows one or both fathers to have a biological connection to their child. Much of the surrogacy process is the [...]

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Pregnancy: A Beautiful Time


Pregnancy: A Beautiful Time Pregnancy is the most exciting and beautiful period of woman’s life. This is also one very emotional phase a woman goes through in her life time. Just imagine how amazing it is to realize that [...]

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