Surrogacy Costs & Fees

Surrogacy Costs & Fees

The cost of a gestational surrogacy from start to finish is approximately $120,000 to $150,000. There are a variables that could cause this cost to be higher or lower.

Gestational Surrogate Fee- $45,000-$65,000 Depending on the location of the surrogate and whether she has been a surrogate in the past. Typically $45,000 is the amount paid for a first time surrogate. If she has health insurance, her reimbursement can be up to $50,000. $5,000 will also be paid for every additional child born past one.

THESE ARE ESTIMATES. Please use this as a guideline.


$30,000 – This is the the fee paid to the agency for recruiting and managing all aspects of the surrogacy cycle from pre to post birth.

Your initial payment of $15,000 is due once you have chosen a gestational surrogate with us. We will coordinate meetings with up to 3 possible surrogates. If you have not chosen a surrogate after 3 meetings and wish to continue, there is a non-refundable deposit of $3000 that will go toward the agency fee. The balance is due once your surrogate has been medically cleared by your clinic.

Your second payment of $15,000 is due once your surrogate has been medically cleared.


If the surrogate does not have her own insurance that covers surrogate pregnancy, we will discuss the options with you during your consult.  If she does have insurance, you will only be responsible for all medical co-pays, deductibles, and any other non-covered expenses.


Approx. $350 – This covers a $250,000 term policy for the surrogate’s family in the unlikely event that she perishes during the surrogacy process. (Premiums vary depending on the age and location of the surrogate.) The premium cost is put in escrow and then released to the surrogate to pay for the policy.


$8,000 – This will cover the drafting and execution of legal contracts and establishment of parental rights with the court, and legal representation of the surrogate for the signing of the contract.


$20,000 to $35,000 – This is the cost of the medical fees associated with the IVF cycle. This amount varies based upon the clinic used, number of transfer attempts, and medications necessary.


A psychological evaluation is required of your surrogate. The cost for this screening is approximately $500.


Depending on where your surrogate is located, travel may be necessary.


We offer a 15% discount off the cost of our Eggceptional Donor Group agency fee for clients needing both an egg donor and a surrogate. Contact us for more information about this offer. Call 800-889-8500.

Our team of committed and qualified staff is here to provide guidance and support through this life changing process. Please contact us with any questions you have and to view our truly inspiring array of surrogates. Miracles are waiting!